Friday, March 14, 2014

Crabby Time Crabbiness

In a perfect world __________________, and we would all be happy.

How many different ways can you fill in that blank? I have several. Today I am suffering with "crabby time crabbiness" (CTC). This was an affliction that my children were plagued with from birth to age five between the hours of 4-6 pm, everyday. It was just a bad time of day. I made up a cutesy name for something that was far from cute. Adult cases of CTC seem to be caused by environmental things, and have no particular time of day that the CTC sets in. My case of CTC seems to have flared at 8am today. It was externally set upon me. So instead of letting the CTC take over my day, I am going to share all the simple, and not so simple things that would happen (or not happen) in my perfect world.

In a perfect world...
  • cancer would not even be a thing
  • people would use "please" and "thank you" with all requests
  • everyone would plan ahead and not create "emergencies" for others
  • other people's actions would not effect my mood
  • dogs would let themselves outside, and not desperately stare at you
  • dinner would make itself
  • everyone would love every dinner
  • no one would sweat the small stuff
  • everyone would be content with what they have
  • people would celebrate other's success
  • jerks would be all banned to one central area away from non-jerks
  • every sandwich would taste like someone else made it, even if you made it yourself
  • coffee would always be the right temperature
  • the litter box would self-clean (just like the cat)
  • dessert would not induce guilt
  • crabby time crabbiness would not exist
                                                                        ...and we would all be happy.

Oddly, just making that list has made me feel better. It gave me an attitude adjustment. Some the items are so minor, and some are monumental. Sometimes making a list helps focus what we can, and can not change.

Make your list.
Evaluate it.
Come to terms with things you can not change.
Focus on the things that you can fix.

And always, everyday, count your blessings. Blessings always outnumber annoyances.

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