Monday, April 22, 2013

It IS the Small Stuff

I am sure you have heard the phrase, "Don't sweat the small stuff", occasionally followed up with, "...and it's all small stuff".  Well, whoever made up that pearl of wisdom can STFU...right now.  Yup.  I went there.

The problem with "not sweating the small stuff" means accepting some level of chaos and disorder.  Many people live blissfully in chaos and disorder.  It is their place, their filthy, messy, loud
Shangri-La. (If you are one of those people, God bless you. Mazel. That is great. I will not be over at 6pm for dinner.  Not that it would ready at 6pm anyway)  It is not my world.  I like order.  I will not apologize for enjoying an orderly existence.  The small stuff will be sweated over, maybe to the point it is dripping and in need of a shower.  Deadlines, due dates, and lists are my reason for being.  My question is, How does the small stuff get done if everyone is "not sweating it"?  In the past when I have decided to try out this slacker, don't sweat it, way of life the only thing I have found is the small stuff gets bigger.  The two loads of laundry I decided to not stay up and wash became four loads of laundry, and family members in need of pants.  "Don't sweat the small stuff...who needs pants?".  I am here to tell you, It matters.  The small stuff matters.  People need to eat, and society is not ready for clothing optional people to be mainstreamed (and we live in Michigan...not a great place for accidental nudists).

My point is...the small stuff matters and it needs to get done.

My rant is...the hippie bastards that say, "Don't sweat the small stuff...and its all small stuff" need to be flogged with an organic cotton sock filled with their own freshly churned butter.

Yes, all the things are small, but there are so many small things that need to be done all at once to make life livable for those of us that can not see beyond, or cope with, disorder and chaos.  Laundry, dinner, lunches, picking up from practices, dropping off at friends, school stuff, volunteer stuff, cleaning, writing, lesson planning, grocery shopping...the list goes on. All of those things need to be managed.  It requires planning and order for everything to go off without a hitch.  Even with all the planning, s*** happens, and then plan B has to happen, or plan C (I really sweat when it gets to plan C, because I seldom have plan D, so I am up a creek without a paddle if plan C fails).  Yes, it's all small stuff.  Nothing life threatening.  None the less, if you are a planner and do-er who likes the machine well oiled...the small stuff is what gets you.  I get that.

If you sweat the small stuff, that is okay.

If you like to plan, that is okay.

If you hate clutter and chaos, that is okay.

If you want to violently shake those laid back fools that never concern themselves with details, and seem to rejoice in chaos, and just let life happen to them, STOP...that is assault.  You will go to jail.

Take comfort in knowing, I will be sweating the small, medium, and large stuff.  You are in fine company.