Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Pop Quiz

Confession: I can not resist the urge to take an online quiz. I do not know why, I just can not. If someone posts a Buzzfeed or Zimbo quiz about pretty much anything on the facebook news feed ..I will take it. These quizzes can really tell you a lot about yourself. Note: Surveys  & questionnaires sent by my kids' schools, my bank, and other places go unanswered until the third reminder (or until hell freezes over) before I might complete and return. I have priorities. 

Here is what I have learned about myself over the past few months:

Where I should live; French Polynesia, London, or Wisconsin. Yup, so many similarities between those places. I am literally all over the map on where I should live. I am staying put until at least a common climate theme emerges.

What color am I? Pink. Apparently "pink" best describes my personality. I can agree if it is hot pink. If it is pale pink, probably not.

My superpower is SUPER SMARTS. Agreed. Enough said about that.

Tina Fey would portray me in a movie about my life. I love Tina Fey, but honestly, I am pretty sure she would (and should) turn down a role portraying a blogging, coffee swilling, car pool driving, soccer mom, who attends football games only to watch the marching band at half-time. I am not saying I am not interesting. I am saying it would not translate to the big screen, or the small screen, or even a pod-cast. I consider my life to be part performance art and part circus (minus the clowns). You have to live this to love it.

Characters (these are my favorite type of quizzes to take)

I am Yoda from Star Wars. (awesome)
I am the Count from Sesame Street (1...1 fabulous result!)
I am Roz from Monsters Inc. (she is fabulous)
I am Belle from Beauty and the Beast. (I like to read too)
I am Derek Zoolander. (This result thrilled me to no end. I love Zoolander. I would totally get in gas fight, if gas was not $3.80 a gallon)
I am Jules from Pulp Fiction (from the What Quentin Tarantino Bad Ass Are You?) (amazing)
I am the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz (I love shiny things!!!)

Fictitious Places

If I were at Hogwarts, I would be placed in Hufflepuff. (meh)

If I were in the really glum and factioned Chicago of Divergent, I would be in the Candor faction. (I knew I was not Dauntless (snakes, clowns, birds...the fears are plentiful) or Abnegation (I think of myself often, and actually find selflessness close to impossible unless it is for my family). I do however suffer from the the blessing/curse of saying what I am thinking. When people say, "Be honest", nine times out of ten, they do not mean it. Trust me, most people want sunshine blown up their ass. I am not a very good sunshine blower. On the record, I do not want live in the Chicago of Divergent, it is just too grim.

My favorite fictional place the quiz has deemed livable for me is Stars Hollow. SQUEAK! If you are out of the loop, this is the setting for Gilmore Girls. One of my very favorite shows of all time. I will watch this on NetFlix anytime. The characters, the quaint town, the witty banter, and fast talking...perfection.  I could live in Stars Hollow. Everyone was a little neurotic, but in an adorable way. This is my utopia.

Self-discovery 7-10 questions at a time. That is the beauty of the online quiz. Thank you online quiz makers. You are doing noble work. Keep 'em coming!