Sunday, April 17, 2011

Snow in April? (that sucks)

The title pretty much sums it up. The kids are off for their Spring Break and it looks like we can grab the sleds out of the rafters in the garage. That is just wrong. I feel like this month is suffering from schizophrenia or perhaps bipolar disorder. I am not a licensed medical professional, but I know that this constant shifting in temperature is not good for our collective psyche or our health. As a seasonal allergy sufferer this time of year is unpleasant enough for breathing freely. The only good thing is seeing the grass get greener and the trees gets little buds of leaves. Yes, the grass and pollen are my krypton, but they are pretty, colorful enemies. A fresh coating of snow is the last, LAST, L A S T thing we need. I know Michigan is famous for its fickle weather, but this month has been extreme and ridiculous, even for Michigan. Last Sunday is was in the 80's and the kids were asking to get sprayed by the hose while we were doing some outside clean up. Fast forward to today, one week later, upper 30's and winds that cut right through to the bone. My poor dog could not keep her ears from flapping in the wind on our walk. Okay, I will admit I was very entertained by the ear flapping, but she was not. Yes, this is a rant. However, I will tell you I feel better just writing it all out. However, I may engage in some primal scream therapy when I am shoveling my driveway, IN APRIL!!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Campaign for the 25 Hour Day

I am not sure how I am going pull this one off, but I am lobbying for an added hour to the day. I currently max out each of the 24 hour days I am given. I will admit that I still sleep, so perhaps I could get more out of a day if I quit sleeping, but that seems unwise, a bit painful, and down right dangerous for those who have to deal with me on a daily basis. Since my chosen vocation is that of a "professional volunteer" it would seem I could tailor my schedule to permit more free time. However, the professional volunteer business is booming. Many of the things I spend my time on really do not benefit me, but if it makes someone I love smile or feel better, I can't say no. Likewise, if it is for a cause or organization that I am passionate about I would rather share my talents with that group than just have some good old fashion downtime. Yes, that is a bit silly. Yes, it is also draining. Yes, it makes me crabby sometimes. Thus my appeal for an extra hour a day, all my own. The 25th hour will not be an hour to be shared, but an hour to personally consumed and savored for personal use ONLY. If I get my additional hour, I swear I will only use it for myself. Reading, exercising, writing, and painting nails are some of the top activities that would fill my hour. Those seem like a good balance between frivolous and personally enriching. Not wanting to disturb the laws of space and time for the rest of the universe, you too will have an extra hour to play with as you please. I am proud to head up this campaign for all of us. No thanks necessary, your personal enjoyment is thanks enough. So, what would you do with your extra hour per day?