Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Am Not Doing It

Thanksgiving is just days away. I am very excited about seeing my family, eating yummy food, maybe catching a movie, watching the Lions lose, and having some down time. Notice that nowhere did I mention going shopping for amazing deals on Black Friday. I refuse to do it. I will not stand in line. No deal is good enough for me to climb out of my nice warm bed, stand in line, just for a chance for a well priced item. I have never even tried to get "the deals". My mother never did. My sister does not either. We are not line people. Standing in line reminds me of communist Russia. I recall seeing pictures of people in communist block countries standing in line for necessities. Clearly, waiting in line for extended periods of time did nothing good for communist governments. So this led me to think what I am willing to wait in line for, without complaining. The list is short and sweet.

  1. I will wait in line to ride pretty much any rollercoaster. I love rollercoasters. They make me terrified and happy all at the same time. The bigger the better. I do not even mind the slightly sick and disoriented feeling that happens after the ride is over. Rollercoasters, worth the wait.
  2. I will wait in line for most Disneyland and Walt Disney World attractions. The exceptions being Its A Small World (can't handle the music) and a few other Fantasyland attractions. Disney is amazing. It is a place that makes you want to comeback the moment you leave. It is very special.
  3. I will wait in line at the Secretary of State's office. I am the designated "waiter" for the family. The only reason I do not mind waiting is because I do not want to pay for a ticket for not having the proper tags on the vehicles. Not because I love driving, because I do not like to drive, but that is a post for another day.
  4. I will wait in line at the grocery, but only if there is only one or two people ahead of me. I get really antsy if I am the fourth or fifth person in line. I have left the store when my only option is to be sixth in line or worse. No joke, it causes anxiety. Generally, this is not an issue.

Waiting in line is just not something I do. Not much makes it worthwhile for me. I wish you all luck with your Black Friday sales and I hope you get the deals you are wanting. Perhaps I can muster some Cyber Monday spirit and get some deals from the comfort of my living room.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 19, 2010

5 for Friday

Here are my five snippets from the week.

  1. The cold has returned to the great state of Michigan. Gloves and heavy jackets are becoming the usual. I wish I were a little kid so I could justify buying a new coat every year. I like winter jackets. They are so warm and cozy. However, I have not outgrown a coat in many moons. I guess I should be glad about it, but I really just want to buy a new coat for me every time I get a new coat for the kids. My winter wear is in good shape and classically styled...so I will be warm and happy with what I have.

  2. Do your kids look up when you tell them to go find their shoes? Lately, I have said, "Go put your shoes and coat on we are going NOW". I walk in the back room to find a young boy in a jacket looking up at the ceiling saying, "I can't find my shoes". I am not sure if this is a phase, or if I should put a shoe rack on the ceiling, but it is going make me nuts. I calmly point out the floor is a more likely place to find shoes. Then suddenly the shoes are found, on the floor. Not on the shoe rack, because only a silly fool would put their shoes on a neat rack. It may just be the tipping point issues that gets me in the straitjacket in the very quiet place. Perhaps I have a hidden gift for basket weaving.
  3. Dinner is overrated. Yes, I like sitting around the table with my family hearing about the happenings at school and work. However, I am over making this meal. I will continue to make dinner, but I need some divine intervention to make me enjoy the cooking arts.
  4. Have you ever noticed just when you are fed up with your hair you suddenly get complements on the style or color or both? I am at that point, and now my most trusted friends have made comments that they really like the length and color. Now I have the dilemma of getting it cut against their advice. Will anyone rebel and never speak to me again? Probably not. Perhaps I will send an e-mail thanking them for liking my hair (split ends and all) and let them know I am cutting it against friend advice, and I will take responsibility for any bad results.
  5. I am very excited about Thanksgiving this year. I have made a point of listing at least one thing I am grateful for everyday in November. I have listed one thing as my facebook status, and also recorded things in a journal. This activity has made me I am pretty blessed. I already knew that, but the abundance of good people and things in my life is just crazy. Crazy good stuff. I hope that you have an abundance of good stuff in your life. I am even grateful for the annoying stuff, like vacuuming up pet fur. The pets bring so much joy to the whole family they are worth the extra cleaning. Count you blessings, I guarantee you will lose count before you are even close to done counting.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's Not That Gross...yes it is

Lately I catch myself doing something, generally something unpleasant, and think, "Wow, twenty years ago I would have NEVER done this". I am talking about mundane, but gross things like cleaning the hair and gunk out of a slow drain, picking up dog feces in the backyard and on walks (as cars drive by and see me picking up dog feces), cleaning up the hairballs the cat horks up weekly, and the gross list of tasks goes on. My life has turned into a real life Dirty Jobs, minus Mike Rowe's witty commentary and assistance. The thing that really got me thinking about this devolution into grossness that is my life, is seeing a truck for a business called "Doody Calls". This sole purpose of this company is to come to your yard and scoop the poop and cart it away. I mentioned to my husband that such a business seems silly, because why pay money for something you can do yourself. Then I started thinking, twenty years ago I would have thought that was a brilliant idea and a much needed service. Apparently, I used to be a princess or something, and now I am proudly a self-sufficient, no nonsense person with a very large capacity for grossness. Perhaps I should be ashamed of my lack of squeamishness. I can hear my grandmother from the beyond saying, "Now Allie, that is not very ladylike". My paternal grandmother was the epitome of ladylike. She did not scoop the poop (she also did not have a dog), or clean the drains. She had help for those things. I would feel bad having someone come in and clean up my messes, and after my dog. Sure, I know when I am outmatched and I need to call a plumber or other professional. However, for the day to day gross, but necessary tasks, I am the hero. The iron willed, strong stomached hero who can vanquish vomit, defeat drains, and execute excrement. We all have our super powers, mine are just super gross.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"It Will Get Better"

I am fully in support of all the celebrities, politicians, and media personalities getting behind the statement, It Will Get Better. I am one who often thinks that the media focuses on the wrong things, but this time the media has latched on to a good, no, a GREAT message. This seems to mostly be focused at teens that are struggling with bullying because of their sexuality or what others assume their sexual orientation may be. Sadly, some of these teens and young adults find that committing suicide is the solution to their problems. Sadly, they will never know that it will get better. First of all I will put it out there, I do not think sexual orientation is a choice. I firmly believe that a person is born gay, straight, or bisexual. Since I do not think a "choice" of sexual orientation is ever made, I also believe that whatever you are is perfectly okay. Society has not fully caught up with my way of thinking. It has gotten better, but not good enough. I know that many disagree with my belief that you are born a particular sexual orientation. I have argued with these people...at length. My question to the "sexual preference is a choice" people is: When did you decide to be heterosexual? It is always heterosexuals who seem to be of the bend that "a choice" was made. I am heterosexual, and I will tell you I never made a choice about it. I just like dudes. No real explanation why, that is just what does it for me in intimate situations. No choice, just the way I am wired.

Anyway, I love the message, "it will get better". I recall being a teen and often feeling distraught over squabbles with a boyfriend, or friends that were being "meanies", or numerous other issues that happen when you are a teen. It was a dramatic time. It was a confusing time. Thankfully, it was a moment in time, and it got better. Truth be told, being a teenager really is quite awful. If you can endure age 12-18, you can do anything. People are mean. Hormones are garbage. It is a very hard time. Whether you are gay, straight, or uncertain. It gets better. The media people are not full of it, it will all get better. Strangely at some point during my first year of college so many of my insecurities and self-conscious issues fell away. There was some moment that I realized all I am, good, bad and indifferent, added up to one pretty awesome person. I also realized that everyone does not have to love me or approve of me. Suddenly, my life got better. The distance from high school drama, made so many things better. Perfect? No. Still have not hit on the "perfect life" yet. It all gets better. Life gets sweeter with time.

I want all teenagers to know whether they are straight, gay, popular, the loner, the nerd, or whatever label that have been assigned that it gets better. High School is just a moment. Endure it. It will make you stronger. Yes, it can suck pretty bad. However, we all have a higher purpose and it is not necessarily to be prom kings and queens. It is okay to be different. I personally only like really unique people that see the world in cool and different ways. No, being unique is not easy in high school, but it will get better. You will find your place in the world. You will find a community. You will find your peeps. Then you will find your wings. Don't give up.