Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Waiting Game

Who likes to wait?  In an informal poll of my friends and acquaintances I found exactly zero people like to wait.  No one likes to wait at the doctor's or dentist's office, the post office, the line at the grocery, or even in their own home for a repair or service call.  No one likes waiting.  It stinks.  Today I am doing the "house arrest" wait.  Some may say waiting at home should not be that bad, its your house, you have your stuff.  However, when a service provider gives you a 4 hour window to be at your house, waiting for their arrival...well suddenly "home, sweet home" becomes a holding cell.  Perhaps because I have sat through some of the "wait windows" only to have someone from the scheduling department call and apologize that it will be a few more hours, or even worse the "reschedule call".  OH NO, NOT THAT!!!!  So I wait with some degree of trepidation, expecting the worst so I will pleasantly surprised when I only have to wait three hours of the four hour window.  If a service provider shows up in the first hour of the window it is almost like Christmas coming early.  I dare say I may seem over eager and giddy and I am pretty sure the poor, punctual soul sent to my home thinks I am slightly demented.  I start to consider making them coffee, or offering a soda, and a light snack.  I have done this before and the person always politely declines, and always has a puzzled look upon their face.  I am never sure if it is because no one else ever offers refreshments, or because it is against company policy to accept refreshments, or they are now 100% certain that I am demented.  I am just floored by the person being punctual.

As a rule I run early for most things.  It is just how I am wired.  I am early for doctor's appointments when I know that my doctor runs 15 minutes behind on a very good day.  It is who I am, it will not likely change.  I try to not hold my friends to my same punctual standards because it may be a slightly OCD thing.  I call if I suspect I may be as little as 5 minutes delayed by traffic or weather.  Yes, it is nutty. In my world it is okay to have a few (less than be exact) OCD tendencies.  No, I do not have a degree in psychology, it is just my rule of thumb.  I would be horrible in a job where I was the service provide that needed to show up within a 4 hour window.  I would feel as if I failed if I was not 10 minutes prior to the wait window.  The apologies would be flowing like a river.  I would probably carry goody bags to offer as some apology gift for not being early.  And once again, people would find me utterly demented.  I would never be good at making people play The Waiting Game.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Okay Already

I enjoyed my summer break.  I enjoyed it right through the second week of school being back in session.  However, there are people out there pushing me to blog.  Thank you, I am flattered.  I am a bit of a people pleaser,  so I will get back to it.  There are a stack of post-it notes with observations, musings, and utter foolishness for me to toss up for your consideration.

Last night I spent the evening at my daughter's middle school, holy loads of writing material.  Biggest observation, not all parents get their outfits approved by their child...clearly.  Or, some people do not have a full length mirror (FYI- such an item can be purchased for under $20).  I would have b**** slapped my mother if she would have dressed like me as youth.  Ladies, you do not have to wear "mom jeans", but you really, really, really, REALLY should not wear skinny jeans.  Accenting the thinness of your ankles really only draws attention to the fact that your hips have birthed children.  No shame in rocking the curves, just rock them in a flattering way.  The graphic tee-shirt is also for the weekend at home, the gym, and that is about it.  (That is my sermon of the day)

So that is a glimpse into the dangerous mind that has more than plenty to say about sooooo many things.  I may even have something nice to say...maybe.

Cheers to the weekend!